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High-speed Doors

Interior, exterior and deep-freeze doors

High-speed Doors

We offer high-speed folding doors for high wind loads, large door openings and low temperatures to optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. Our range of high-speed doors include both vertically and horizontally openings and transparent doors with a flexible curtain. They are also available in combination with sectional doors and rolling shutters, as well as with powerful, service-friendly spiral doors with smooth aluminium profiles.

Safe door operation

Flexible high-speed folding doors speed up workflows and reduce energy costs. They feature safe door operation and a long service life thanks to standard equipment with a safety light grille or photocell and a robust frame with flexible guide belts: flexible high speed folding doors are low-maintenance, easy to install, cost-efficient and economical for daily use.

Robust solution

The curtain is opened using a patented belt system with safety belts and folds in the lintel area. The galvanised steel wind reinforcement laths are arranged across the entire door height and withstand wind loads up to class 4 (optional option).

High Speed Doors

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Standard safety light grille or photocell

Safety light grilles integrated into the side elements monitor the closing zone of the door leaf up to a height of 2500mm. This avoids any additional installations on the door such as a closing edge safety device or photocell.

Standard anti-fall safeguard

The high-speed folding doors are opened and closed via 2 pull belts. In addition, 2 further safety belts secure the door curtain in the event of damage, e.g. tearing of the pull belts. This patented belt system effectively prevents
the door from crashing.

Flexible guide belts

The robust frame with innovative flexible guide belts prevents damage and resulting downtimes of the door system. In the event of a crash, the floor rail of the curtain is forced out of the guide belts. The curtain can then be reinserted and the door can be operated again. Another advantage of the flexible guide belts is minimal noise during movement of the curtain and the wind reinforcement laths caused by the wind.

Individual colour schemes

To achieve a harmonious door appearance, all Altegra high-speed folding doors are available with coated side elements and covers as standard. Choose from
5 standard colours at no extra charge or optionally from 6 special colours. Alternatively, you can have your company logo or lettering (max. 800 × 800 mm) printed on the curtain.

Optimised operations

The frequency converter control takes stress off the entire door mechanism, guaranteeing nearly wear-free, quiet door.

The high opening and closing speeds optimise your operations and reduce heat losses. 

Thermal insulation

Well-insulated high-speed doors are essential in heated halls. The ThermoFrame separates the side element from the building structure. The thermal break along with additional seals improves thermal insulation by up to 15% and is easy and quick to fit. 

Clear view

Our glazing guarantees maximum scratch resistance despite heavy use in rough industrial environments. The special surface coating protects the pane from scratches and damage caused by cleaning.

Smart control

Save costs thanks to fewer and shorter services, the SmartControl can provide real time error messages and can allow us to correct the error quickly and reduce downtime and wear of parts.

High-speed doors

Door type F6010/F6010 Iso

For fast door opening
up to wind class 4

The opening speed of up to 1.0 m/s
accelerates work processes for external door openings and reduces the thermal losses and draughts at the door. The stable steel wind reinforcement laths are arranged at 600 mm intervals across the entire height of the door and enable reliable operation up to wind class 3 (optionally up to wind class 4). In addition, the flexible UPVC guide belts minimise the noise of the curtain caused by wind. For improved thermal insulation, we recommend the F 6010 Iso with an insulated curtain.

  • F 6010/F14005: 1 × UPVC curtain with standard steel wind reinforcement laths.
  • F 6010 Iso: Improved thermal insulation due to the insulated curtain.

Door type F14005

For large exterior door
openings up to 14m wide and 10m high

The high-speed folding door F 14005 reduces energy loss and draughts at large external door openings of up to 14 m wide and 10m high. The robust steel wind reinforcement laths guarantee that the doors reliably withstand wind loads of up to class 3 as standard. The door type F 14005 is optionally available with special wind reinforcement laths up to wind class 4.


  • F6010/F14005: Flexible guide belts prevent downtime after a crash.
  • F6010/F14005: Optional window elements for improved visibility.

Door type F4010 Cold

Door type F 4010 Cold
For cold store areas with temperatures up to -30 °C

The flexible high-speed folding door
F 4010 Cold is the optimal solution
for all interior areas in cold store logistics. The triple-insulated curtain reliably reduces cooling losses in cold store areas and the opening speed of 1 m/s ensures the rapid flow of traffic for maintaining the cold chain. The standard heated frames mean that the F 4010 Cold can also be used in cold store areas with temperatures up to -30 °C.

  • F4010 Cold: 3 × insulated curtain for reducing cooling losses.
  • F 4010 Cold: Heated frames for use in cold store areas.

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