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Cortizo Bi-fold Plus System

The Cortizo bi-fold plus offer unparalleled performance, energy efficiency, and security. Explore a range of customizable designs and finishes to create a stunning and functional entrance to your building.

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The new Aluminium bi-fold that is going to change the market!

The bi-fold that is redefining the market

Separate environments and unify spaces with this bi-fold door system with an 80 mm deep frame. This evolution of the Bi-fold series offers an excellent thermal and acoustic performance, thanks to its 45 mm thermal break and a glazing capacity up to 48 mm.

It presents a slim central section of 110 mm which allows the maximisation of the glazed surface, filling the interior spaces with natural light.


  1. Uw ≥ 0,8 (W/m²K) Excellent thermal insulation thanks to its 45mm thermal bridge breakage and a glazing capacity up to 48mm.
  2. Pre-inserted gaskets of frame, sash and bead.
  3. Slim central section maximising the glazed surface (Sash to sash meeting section: 110 mm).
  4. High Security: PAS 24 Tested
  5. Adjustable jamb option
  6. No sash extension
  7. High thermal and acoustic performance
  8. Maximized glazed surface
  9. Double bearing system within a gimbal stabiliser. It facilitates the sliding of the sash by evenly distributing the weight on the inner and outer bearings during the opening and closing operation.
  10. Quicker installation with pre assembled gaskets.

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Cortizo Bi-fold Plus
Cortizo Bi-fold Plus
Cortizo Bi-fold Plus
  • Technical Specifications

  • Product Details

  • Openings

  • Drainage Sub Cills and Profiles with Pre-assembled Gasket

Average U values

Transmittance  Uw ≥0.8 (W/m²K)



Sightlines Frame 80mm, Sash 80mm
Polyamide Strip Length Frame 45mm, Sash 45mm
Profile Thickness Door 1.8mm
Glazing Max 48mm, Min 25mm
Maximum Sash Dimensions Width (L) 1200mm, Height 3000mm
Maximum Sash Weight 120kg
Inward opening Up to 14 sashes
Outward opening Up to 14 sashes

90º corner sash without mullion


Weather Performance

Air permeability (EN 12207) Class 4
Water tightness (EN 12210) Class E750
Wind Resistance (EN 12210) Class C3

Repeated openings and closings

50,000 cycles (Main swing door)

25,000 cycles (Even sashes)


Security Test (PAS 24: 2012): Passed
Reference test 2701 x 2517 mm. 3 sashes Set-up: 330


  • Minimal visual sightlines between door panels
  • Multiple configurations and opening types
  • Open corner option with no fixed post
  • Up to 14 glass panes
  • Smooth operation
  • Impressive door sizes
  • Exceptional levels of thermal insulation, weather resistance and security
  • Wide range of powder coated RAL colours
  • Profiles can be finished with different internal and external colours
  • Available in double or triple glazed option











Drainage Sub Cills


Any RAL colour available

Cortizo offers high quality paint samples to marine spec as standard. We have standard RAL colours available however, we can provide any RAL colour on request but this may have an effect on price and lead time. The whole RAL colour chart is available in anodized powder coating, we also offer wood effect powder coating, anti-bacterial powder coating and anodized.

Standard Colour Range




Dual Colour Range

White / Anthracite

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