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Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are a modern and convenient solution for building entrances, offering a seamless and hands-free way for people to enter and exit a space. These doors are equipped with sensors and automated mechanisms that enable them to open and close automatically, improving accessibility and traffic flow in various settings.

We offer automatic sliding doors in all shapes and sizes from heavy duty applications e.g. shopfronts, frameless or curved for aesthetics purposes or we can provide hermetic or hygienic seal for hospitals and laboratories. We also provide energy-saving thermally broken doors, to reduce energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. 

Our range of sliding doors are a great solution for offices, retails stores, supermarkets, hospitals, schools/education sector, commercial and public buildings.

record STA 20 Automatic Sliding Door Zurich Zoo

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Our doors have integrated safety features, the microprocessor in the system monitors all door movements and an auto reverse function is fitted should a door be obstructed during closing. We can also provide safety features include motion and presence sensors, emergency exit buttons which ensure unimpeded access for people with mobility issues.

We can create bespoke openings including fully automatic, partially open, exit only, night operation and permanently open.  Our range can be fitted with keypads, card readers or even key chain remotes where restricted access is required.

Our expert team can visit you on site to assess your requirements and work with you to create the best solution for your space. We ensure all areas are covered, including compliance, design and technical specification to produce doors suited to your exact needs and requirements.

All of our doors are fitted by our expert engineers on time and to budget. They have vast experience of fitting automatic doors in all types of environments from commercial to specialist healthcare. We also offer maintenance and door repair services giving you total peace of mind.



We can tailor all of our aluminium automatic swing doors to match any requirement and project

Altegra manufacture the highest quality aluminium systems supplying both the trade and commercial sectors. Our experienced sales team and technical department are here to assist in any aspect of the industry.

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Manufactured in the UK

We have a dedicated manufacturing team who make all of our aluminium systems. All projects we take on all conform to the highest standards backed by industry known accreditations. 

Made to order

At Altegra, all of our bespoke aluminium window and door systems are made to order. This ensures that when we work alongside any customer, it matches their exact requirements.

Fast turnaround times

All aluminium windows, doors, shopfront systems and curtain wall systems are manufactured and made to order with industry leading turnaround times; ensuring your project is not delayed.


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